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I just try to work with HTML & CSS - if you need more support, go to #support


> You can't see the Dashboard?
> You subscribed to Patreon. And now?
> Account got disabled?
> Bot doesn't work?
> ... soon

Don't give Manage-Server permissions.

Why I can't see anything?

Empty Dashboard

Try this:

- Log out & clear your cookies
- Copy your Server-ID and replace AWESOME in
with your Server-ID

What to do after buying Premium?

    Important: Add normal Securitybot - The Premium Bot shouldn't be in your server yet

    Premium Member Premium+ Member

    1. Connect your Patreon account with Discord
    2. Do sp!servers add Your-Server-Id in our Discord
    3. Next do sp!invite
      or check the Pins in #support-english
    4. Invite the Bot and kick the normal Bot
    5. Kick normal Securitybot

    What is...
    [Q] If I can't use sp!servers add Server-Id
    [A] You maybe don't got your Role.
    Try it in a few minutes again, the Patreon Bot could be offline.

      Be sure: Connect your Patreon account with Discord

    1. Do sp!claim in our Discord
    2. Do sp!servers add Your-Server-ID in our Discord
    3. Invite the Bot with the link you will get
    4. Kick normal Securitybot

    What is...
    [Q] If sp!claim do not work?
    [A] Sometimes all custom Bots are already claimed.
    The CEO will create new Bots - so... just be patient

What to do after Account got disabled?

You can wait that your account get deleted by Discord and request Ownership back.
We will not remove the Bot.

I recommend you to create a Backup-Account with highest role

Why the Bot isn't working / Administrator Permissions

The Permission-Level of the Bot is too low

  • The Bot can't ban an user with Admin & Ban permissions.
    If you remove the Ban-permissions for the user, then the Bot should be able to punish the user

The Server doesn't have 25 Members

  • Because of many "Test-Servers" the Bot might respond slower as normal.
    Thats why the minimum of users is set to 25 Members.

  • Its possible to bypass it. You just need to subscribe to Premium version.